Ruben Van Lerberghe is a furniture designer & maker, born in Cape Town and raised in Antwerp. He has set up Atelier Blouberg in Marseille to create unique and bespoke furniture.
“Designing and creating a piece is a very intimate experience, where authenticity is key. Making it without compromise, I want to transmit a sentiment of seduction and ultimately of comfort.”
Ruben started out working on timber roof structures and general carpentry.
After an immersion in traditional joinery in Japan, he trained with different furniture makers in Paris and Marseille.
To master the art of fine furniture making, Ruben moved to the UK to study at the renowned Waters & Acland Furniture school. He put his skills into practice, creating commissioned pieces for Waters & Acland.
“The encounters I’ve had with natural shapes and man-made structures, living in different parts of the world, have had a formative influence on me. And in my designs I often connect them, using traditional processes as well as embracing what technology has to offer.”